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Evidencing the value of social voucher programmes

WA Communications commissioned us to design a report for Edenred entitled ‘Evidencing the value of social voucher programmes.’ The report helps to communicate what social vouchers are, find out about specific implementation examples, and raise awareness about how they can contribute to better support individuals and communities across Europe. We used illustrations and graphics to represent case stdies from different countries in a way that helped the report to be engaging and easy to read. We wanted the report to be accessible and relatable, the illustrations helped to achieve this along with spacious layouts and clear typography.

Social vouchers, which in their various forms have helped public services to better support vulnerable populations in our communities. Examples implemented by local authorities highlight how food and material support can be provided through vouchers systems with positive outcomes when it comes to supporting food distribution, providing anonymity and dignity for beneficiaries.

Take a look below for more examples.