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HappySelf Grown-Up Journal

HappySelf Grown-Up Journal

The grown-up edition was created following the success of the bestselling HappySelf journal for children. Beautifully designed with original hand drawn illustrations, the journal encourages adults to take a few mindful moments each day, focussing on gratitude and reflecting on emotions. The journal brings meaningful practices into daily life and helps to build the tools needed to ride the rollercoaster of life with confidence and resilience. The bright colours, spacious layout, tick boxes and visual prompts make the journal fun and easy to use.

Build on the original ground-breaking junior journal tailoring it for grown-ups. Enable adults to become role models for positivity by journaling alongside children. Design a happy place that promotes creativity and conversations. “I’ve tried so many journals and never found one that was fun and light-hearted and didn’t feel like hard work – Iet’s change that.” Francesca Geens (client and founder)

Plenty of space, bright colours, soft grey grids, tick boxes and emojis, make the design engaging whilst introducing effective science backed journaling practices. Hand drawn characters keep it light and playful. Conversation starters encourage a shared experience between adult and child. The high quality materials, debossed cover and soft lie-flat binding make the journal a treasured keepsake.