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The HappySelf Journal

A new brand is born

Proud winners of The Junior Design Awards, Make Awards and CreativePool Awards.

The HappySelf Journal was brought to life in 2017 through the illustration of the HappySelf characters, bright colours and beautiful typography.

“The response has been amazing – parents have seen a marked difference in behaviour since their children began daily journalling and sales are great!”

“It’s been such a pleasure working with Lorinda and her team on The HappySelf Journal. Their work has been integral to the success of the journal which is loved by families around the world and stocked in both Papersmiths and Liberty London thanks to its strong and original design. Everything from the branding, the illustrations, the detail of the journal page layouts and choice of fonts was done with the greatest attention to detail and it really shows. I love that they have been able to help with all our design requirements from print to website to social media. I couldn’t be happier with the results and am enjoying working with Plait Creative on our latest projects.”

Francesca Geens, Founder and Director