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My First HappySelf Journal

My First HappySelf Journal is a daily journal for children aged 3 to 6 that nurtures young minds and promotes healthy habits that lead to a happier, more balanced life. Beautifully illustrated pages guide children through scientifically proven well-being and gratitude practices, encouraging them to be more mindful, find the positives in each day and reflect on their actions and emotions. Bright colours, hand drawn HappySelf characters and spacious page layouts encourage better communication, increased kindness, reduced anxiety, a positive mindset and less screen time.

Create a journal tailored for younger children that helps them to identify emotions, is easy to use, allows space for small hands and is designed to promote creativity and conversations. “I hope this journal becomes a beautiful way of exploring feelings, memories, kindness and gratitude as well as capturing what life is like for you and your child.” Francesca Geens (client and founder)

Hand drawn characters depict a range of emotions to help children identify their feelings. The large format journal is spacious, printed on FSC approved crayon friendly paper with a soft lie-flat binding to make it easy to write in. Yellow evokes happiness, visual prompts encourage colouring and doodling. The clear, easy to use page layout encourages a shared experience between adult and child.